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  • Tarrian Rodgers

Mike Tyson will return to the ring next year

The past couple of weeks have been great for boxing great Mike Tyson.This past week Mike Tyson was honored with a 10 foot statue outside of Resorts World in Las Vegas. This past weekend a rumor leaked that he will be making his long awaited return to the ring in February 2022.

"I am going to have a return fight in February and we are pretty skeptical about the opponent, but it will be a really stimulating opponent," the 55-year-old fighter said. The stimulating opponent hasn’t been named yet but everyone expects it to be Youtuber Logan Paul. Tyson returned to the world of boxing in Nov. 2020 for an exhibition match with fellow legend Roy Jones Jr. Tyson looked tremendous in his first action in 15 years. Tyson fought Jones Jr. to a draw. Tyson showed that he has plenty left in the tank. The thought was Tyson could return against other legendary fighters such as Lennox Lewis, even Oscar Dela Hoya.

It will be interesting to see how the former champion will do against a fighter that is less experienced but does have the youth advantage. Paul, 26, is coming off a massive PPV boxing match against pound-for-pound legend Floyd Mayweather Jr. The social media star was obviously outclassed in the fight, but he went eight rounds with “Money May.” It will be an interesting fight to say the least. Paul has called out Tyson in the past but Tyson has refused saying the price had to be right. Also, saying “My family loves the Paul’s. [I would knock him out],” he said. “But I never would. I would be against my own f***g family. They love this little white motherf****. You know what I mean? He has f****g balls.”

Apparently Tyson had a change of heart and maybe the price was too right to turn down and the fight will take place in February. Tyson took to his podcast a month ago saying“Well, that’s the money fight,” Tyson said on his popular Hotboxin’ with Mike Tyson podcast. “Those are the fights that make the money. Those guys have 75 million people watching them.” All eyes will be on February now it will either be a grand spectacle or a funeral.

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