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Mike Tyson looks good in exhibition match against Roy Jones Jr.

New York- Mike Tyson and Roy Jones Jr. draw in their first exhibition fight for Triller.

In the anticipated fight of the year between Mike Tyson and Roy Jones Jr., the fight was smothered down with a couple of restrictions. There would be no knockdowns and if anyone was cut, the fight was going to be stopped. Tyson and Jones had a lot to say about the rules and regulations in a press conference a few weeks.

"Why would we want only two minutes per round in the ring. Tyson and I are two legends in this sport . We don't like it, but we will give the fans what they want to see and they will see two iconic fighters fighting each other," said Jones.

In the first couple of rounds, Tyson was coming at Jones. He hit Jones with a couple of jabs and body shots. Jones attempted to tire out Tyson by wrapping him up in the later rounds, but that did not help because Tyson kept pushing the pace. Tyson had more power punches than Jones, but at the end of the fight, both fighters walked away with a tie.

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