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Miami's storybook ending comes to a close as Denver wins first NBA Championship

With their back against the wall in a must win situation, the Miami Heat looked to upset the Nuggets' Finals celebration. After forcing four turnovers in the first three minutes, Miami struggled to put the ball in the net. At one point, Miami missed nine consecutive shots and Denver took advantage of that and sprinted to on a 12-5 run. After digging themselves out of the hole, things start to look up for the Heat.

Bam (Bam) Adebayo inserted himself into the offense. With him being the aggressor, Adebayo scored 14 points in the first quarter. Outside of Adebayo, the Heat had a slight advantage with Nikola Jokic, Jamal Murray, and Aaron Gordon combining for six fouls midway in the second. The Heat had gotten their biggest lead of the night to ten, but the Nuggets chipped it down to seven to close out the half, 51-44.

Coming out of the half, Miami wanted to push the pace of the game, while Denver wanted to lower their turnovers and make smarter plays. The Nuggets went back to playing "bully" ball, which gave the Heat a lot of trouble. Despite having two fouls, Jokic orchestrated an aggressive attack against the Heat at the start of the third quarter. Miami watched their lead become non-existent as Denver started to find their rhythm.

Like every game in this series, the fourth quarter was a battle of scrappiness and will. While

Jimmy Butler struggled to get his rhythm, Adebayo and crew tried to give themselves a fighting chance with scoring off of second chance opportunities. The game was very intense down the stretch as both teams was fighting tooth and nail to stop each other from scoring. From chasing down loose balls to a couple of steals, Miami was doing everything in their power to extend the series.

Butler had the opportunity to potentially win the game, but KCP stole the ball to end Miami's last chance at smelling victory, 94-89

Butler finished with 21 points

Bam finished with 20

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