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Miami's Art Basel will have unique layout this year

Everyone, who is an art knows about the importance of Art Basel and the revenue that it brings in at the end of the year. If you don't have a clue, here is a short summary of what Art Basel is. It is a huge art festival, where artists from around the world, showcase their exhibits and talent to the world. Many celebrities pop in to support the festival, as well as buy exquisite paintings. It's like one big party that brings everyone together.

This year will be a bit different from the rest. There will be 24 first time exhibitors at this prestigious event and so now they will have five plazas to stretch out the exhibits and give guests a chance to catch their breath.

“With new participants from Mexico to Poland and Egypt, and a programmed both within and beyond the fair like we have never done before, there is an injection of freshness to the fair,” Vincenzo de Bellis, Art Basel’s director for fairs and exhibition platforms and interim director of the Miami Beach fair, said in a statement.

With only a two-month window before the lid blows the roof off with, it will be very interesting to see how Miami will pull this off.

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