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Magic rolls past Pistons 123-91

The suprise team thus far has been the Orlando Magic. The Magic have become one of the teams that is sneaky good and have beaten some of the top teams in their conference this season. With a staggering Pistons' team coming into town, the Magic were the favorite to win this match-up.

Orlando's star Paolo Banchero went off in a blowout victory over the Pistions. It was like he was on a mission and he was not going to be stopped. Banchero finished the game with 24 points.

Outside of Banchero going off, Orlando had five players in double figures and shot around 52% from the field. You have to give it up to the Magic's defense, they shut down the Piston's outside shooters. OUtside of Cade Cunningham, who really didn't have much of an impact, everyone else was struggling to find their shot. The Magic sprinted out to almost a 30-point lead in the fourth, so they rested their starters for the rest of the night and enjoyed their victory lap win over the Pistons.

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