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  • Tarrian Rodgers

Logan Paul vows to go back to WWE after winning strange boxing match

After months of twitter trolling and lawsuits Logan Paul and Dillion Danis finally put on the gloves in a fight that was promoted by Top Rank Boxing. It will go down as one of the strangest boxing matches in the history of the sport. Danis who spent much of his time talking smack online barely threw or landed any shots. Making for an easy win for the Youtuber turned WWE star Logan Paul. The fight ended in a mele after Danis attempted a guillotine choke in a boxing match with security and both sides jumping in the ring. Despite all the odd behavior, Paul never got flustered and dominated Danis. “He’s supposed to be good at jiu-jitsu, what happened?” Paul said in his post-fight interview. “Stuffed the takedown, tried that. Tried to do the guillotine, I’m sorry I missed that hammerfist. Oh that would have been good. I’m sorry it ended that way. Dillon Danis truly is a coward. Just a dirty, dirty human being. I forgave Dillon before this fight started. It was the only way to attack this fight without emotion trying to kill him, trying to be aggressive but damn, he called himself a real fighter. What are we talking about a real fighter?” Paul gave a glimpse of what he would like to do in the future he mentioned fighting Connor McGregor since Dillion Danis is the right hand man of the UFC superstar. Ultimately Paul mentioned his desire to hop back in a WWE ring. “I’ll be honest, this is a hobby for me,” Paul said. “My true passion, ya’ll know I’m a WWE Superstar so I’m going to be back in the WWE. There are some championships there I want to get. I got my eye on something. I got my eye on someone. I’m an American boy and I want that U.S. title. Rey Mysterio, I already beat you once, brother and I’m coming for that U.S. championship. Let’s go! “Maybe [I’ll box again] if Conor McGregor wants to stand up for his b****, I’ll face him here. Is that little leprechaun here? Where are you at Conor? He abandoned Dillon just like Marcelo, just like Savannah and just like Scott Coker.” On the same card Paul’s running mate KSI lost a unanimous decision to Tommy Fury although many feel like that decision was a robbery as neither man landed anything of note. It seems like KSI was more the aggressor and when the decision was made fans booed the younger brother of Tyson Fury.

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