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LeBron finished with 31 points, but once again the Lakers offense stutters late in the second half

Los Angeles- The Lakers continue to struggle offensively in season opener against the Golden State Warriors 123-109.

With a chance to steal a joyful evening away from Golden State, after they opened the game up with a NBA championship ring celebration, LA kept it pretty interesting for majority of the first half. Anthony Davis and LeBron James looked like they were in 2020 regular season form, with both players combining for 29 points and 13 rebounds. Even Russell Westbrook was showing out with 11 points, shooting 5 of 8 from the field. Despite, being down only seven at the half, LA looked like they could make a run heading into the second half.

James tried to put his team on his back after, trailing by double figures. Each time the Warriors would hit a three-point shot or go on a mini run, James would do something on both sides of the ball, which gave the Lakers some encouragement. However, on the defensive side, LA looked like a bunch of old YMCA players trying to guard the "All around the World" Warriors. Golden State was shooting around 40% from three-point land and had the Lakers on skates, literally.

By the start of the fourth, LA was down big and never really recovered. Turnovers and forced shots were the reasons why LA couldn't get back in the game. They had 21 turnovers and shot the ball around 35% from the field.


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