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Kraken's offense could not complete the comeback in an OT loss to the Blue Jackets 5-4

Seattle- Kraken' was defeated by the Blue Jackets in OT.

Being last in the Western Conference, the Kraken wanted to build some type of confidence booster and get a win over a club that was over .500. They had that opportunity with the Columbus Blue Jackets coming into town. Riding a 13--1-1 record, Seattle was the underdogs in a match-up with the Blue Jackets, but anything could happen as we seen early in the NHL season.

In the first period, Seattle was very aggressive. Within the first three minutes of the first period, Seattle had three on the goal attempts. Frustration was settling in with the Kraken's offense. They controlled majority of the period, but could not get the puck in the net. Defensively, Seattle did not let the Blue Jackets get their offense rolling and both teams walked in the half 0-0, feeling good about not letting the other team score.

Things got a little testy at the start of the second, Alexander True got a penalty for slashing and once a calm game, got pretty physical. Despite everything Seattle did right, that went down the drain as the Blue Jackets scored 11 minutes in the period. Things started to really go south, as Seattle let Columbus score their second goal of the night. Seattle finally got on the board by a nifty line to the net by Jared McCann. McCann gave the Kraken a bit more energy that was displayed for the remainder of the period. In a blink of one's eyes, Columbus scored two more quick goals and walked into the locker room with a 4-1 lead.

Seattle attempted to dig themselves out the deficit. The luck of the Irish was on their side, because they scored two goals in under a minute to make it a tight game. With under five minutes left in regulation, Seattle tacked on another goal to tie up the game. The game went into OT, but ended with Seattle getting their heartbroken.

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