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Keke Palmer signs new deal with Entertainment One

Los Angeles- Talented singer and actress Keke Palmer has decided to sign a deal with Entertainment One and use her talent to capture more audiences.

Entertainment like the idea of bringing Palmer on and felt like she could give their audience something more.They loved Palmer's drive, ambition, and personality and went after her.

“As a woman of many talents, Keke has made a lasting impression on audiences all over the world,” said Michael Lombardo, eOne’s president of global television stated. “ We are thrilled to be collaborating with her on several upcoming projects and are excited to see what next she has in store.”

Palmer felt signing with eOne was something that was a match for, as well as using the platform to connect with more individuals around the globe.

“I am thrilled to be partnering with eOne to create entertaining, meaningful, fun television experiences that will deeply connect with audiences and be reflective of our current world,” Palmer said. “eOne’s commitment to allowing talent to bring their unique lens and lead the storytelling process made them an ideal partner for me.”

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