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Kedian West: Trusting the Process and Vision

Trusting the process is extremely hard with everyone posting their success all over social media platforms daily. Sometimes people compare their visions to their peers, but that was not the case for Kedian West. West is the CEO& Founder of Superar Strike, which is a fitness apparel business and has been able to use her story to enlighten others about her journey.

West had a vision of building a legacy for her family, creating a symbolic message of inspiring generational wealth, so she decided to build and market her own brand. She has had her ups and downs, like the rest of humanity especially during the pandemic, but used it as a motivational tool to motivate herself and others. The world sees West as a role model, fitness trainer, a representation of a women of color, and a person that is very ambitious, but at times she needs to refresh her mind.

"Listen I have hit rock bottom and that’s something I never want to experience again, mentally physically, emotionally, and financially.. During the pandemic the gym was my source of energy and inspiration that kept me motivated." Recently, I started therapy and it’s been one of the best decision I have made. It’s easy talking to friends but sometimes your friend that you lean on needs a break. I keep a journal that I write down long term and short term goals in and my best advice take things day by day."

Building a brand, takes time effort, long days and long nights, but it was worth it for West. She was inspired to make fitness clothes comfortable and fashionable for individuals who wanted a fresher look. With a keen eye, West combined something unique and used her social media skills to see what her audience liked or what they did not like.

West understood marketing yourself on social media is essential with building a brand and used it to her advantage. TikTok is something she loves and explained why."I love it LoL it’s crazy how this can help you to reach thousands of people in a matter of hours. By using different videos and showing off my outfits, I can see what people like. I’m getting back in the hang of using Instagram and I have been using canvas a lot to help me articulate and express myself and create content for posting. Otherwise it would be email marketing or I try to have conversation with others and talk more about my brand and what I have to offer but social media does play an Integral part in my marketing."

While marketing is one thing, West is opening her first shop front May 20th and is very excited, nervous, and feels like there is much to be done. She is making the impossible possible with faith and her devotion to perfecting her craft." I still feel like we are not ready and I can’t sleep. I even ask myself the question recently when will you have time to sleep in again because I still work a full time and doing all of this. But there is no turning back my head is down because I’m fully focusing in making this not my first or last but to be known as the first store front to be open on Martha’s Vinyard followed by others across the country."

Dreams are meant to come true and that is what West is doing. You can follow her clothing line journey at


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