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John Wall lit up the T-Wolves in a loss

Los Angeles- John Wall finished with 20 points, 1 rebound, and 3 assists in a thrilling game against the Timberwolves, 119-117.

For the last few seasons, Wall kept hitting a brick wall filled with many obstacles. Those obstacles were management in different organizations not using him the right way, injuries that he had to come back from, and the chilling vibrations of dealing with his mental health. All of these led Wall to focus more on his peace and happiness than bouncing a ball.

After a disappointing season with the Houston Rockets, the Clippers decided to take a chance on Wall and went after him in the off-season this year and for now it looks like a match made in heaven. In the last two preseason games, Wall has contributed and put in his team in good position to win games. In the game against the T-Wolves on Sunday, Wall was very assertive with getting to his spots on the floor and knocking down those mid-range jumpers. Each time it seemed like the Clips needed a basket, Wall called his number and answered the call.

Despite the loss, the Clippers were very excited to see Wall erupt for 20 points in 20 minutes and talked about the chemistry that this organization is looking for. Even though it is preseason play, it was nice to see Wall come back and play freely.

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