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Jimmie Johnson getting out of his comfort zone

New York- Jimmie Johnson is jumping from NASCAR into the Indy Car Series next year.

Jimmie Johnson is preparing for his last and final race as a NASCAR driver this week and you would think that he would be really emotional. That was not the case. Johnson has been really focused with learning how to drive an Indy car, as well as learn how to maneuver through the course.

"Just adapting to this new environment," Johnson said. "There's so many things that are foreign to me, working through a lot of those little technicalities with the car, with the cockpit, procedures, and trying to get some laps in there as well."

Johnson wants to make his NTT Indy Car Series debut in 2021, but wants to make sure that everything is down pact with the upcoming tight open test schedule. "It's a bad time to be a rookie, even a 45-year-old rookie with all the years I have in racing. To learn these cars and tracks, it's going to be a real steep learning curve for me," said Johnson.

It may take some time to get adjusted, but Johnson is confident and optimistic that he will be ready at the start of the NTT Indy Car Series.

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