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Jets were defeated in Hall of Fame Game against the Browns 21-16

Since it was announced that Aaron Rodgers was making a move to New York in the offseason, the buzz around the Jets' organization has grown. Members of media as well as fans are putting this just class in high regards with them making the post season and going deep in the playoffs. Right now, their quest for a playoff match is just a dream, because they have a long way to go and a long season ahead. Today, marked the first-time fans got to see the Jets in tackle action against the Cleveland Browns to kick off Preseason.

As fans already knew, Rodgers was going to be hanging out on the sidelined and would watch his guys play. Zach Wilson started the game and had a few decent series He went 3 out 5 for 65 yards. At one point in the game, New York had a 16-7 lead heading into the third, but that was when a turnover basically cost them the game and momentum. Cleveland scored 14 unanswered points to come back and claimed the victory and bragging rights over the Jets.

Despite the loss, Wilson and Rodgers were optimistic about the next few weeks, seeing what they need to improve in as far as pass protection and not turning the ball over. Now, that the first preseason game was finalized, fans can officially say that football is back

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