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  • Anthony Morrow

Jaron Ennis Aces His Biggest Test Against Roman Villa

Jaron “Boots” Ennis provided his skeptics with the answer to all their concerns Saturday night in what was projected as the biggest test of his career. Ennis' opponent Roman Villa who came in on a 7 fight win streak winning 3 of 7 by KO including a unanimous decision win over a highly touted undefeated prospect in Rashidi Ellis was the measuring stick the boxing world needed to see Ennis have a great performance against to validate his position in the welterweight division. With the Spence vs Crawford fight just weeks away, Jaron Ennis has solidified himself as a true contender for a world title shot and at the age of 26 with 31 wins 28 by way of knockout he can no longer be ignored.

Ennis began the fight using his jab to establish a favorable distance which opened up his counter punches knowing Villa would come forward often in the fight to land his patented hooks. The boxing world was well aware of Ennis' skillset but wasn’t sure how he would hold up in a dogfight which was expected. The game plan was clear early in the fight that the uppercut was going to be the equalizer that would be available and Villa would not be hard to find. Ennis went on to dominate the early rounds and force an adjustment by Villa’s corner.

Villa found some success in the middle rounds as he turned the boxing match into the dogfight boxing fans expected that are familiar with his style. Those with a trained eye in the sport were finally seeing the adversity they needed to verify if Boots had the dog in him to withstand the pressure from a fighter who would not back down and push him to an extreme we haven’t seen him endure.

Once Ennis absorbed the onslaught brought on by Villa he once again regained the control he had early in the fight and closed the show with a knockout win landing a big right hand sending Villa to the floor for the first time in his career. Prior to the final blow doctors were concerned and it showed why as Villa could no longer stand up to the power punches and being the true warrior he is went out on his shield losing the fight but earning the respect of Ennis and the viewers. The future is bright for Jaron Ennis and time will shortly tell what the next chapter will be for this bright star in the welterweight division.

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