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Jamie Lee Curtis talked about what the Children's Hospital of Los Angeles meant to her

Los Angeles- This week, Jamie Lee Curtis talked about the purpose behind why she has donated and helped the Children's hospital over the years.

The Children's Hospital of Los Angeles is near and dear to Jamie, because she can generate smiles to children who are fighting for their lives or children who need that encouragement to overcome any obstacle in their way.

“If any of you have ever had your life touched by a sick child, whether it be personally, or a neighbor, friend, or relative, you know how powerless you feel and how you would do anything to help that child. That is what the people at CHLA do every single day. They help children who are ill, to bring them back into a state of health and happiness, and that is why I support them. We Make March Matter together, we raise money together, to help these people that do it.”

Jamie spoke to a young child named Maverick on a virtual conference, who defined the odds. Maverick, who is three years old, had an end-stage renal disease and needed a kidney a couple years ago. Maverick and his mother went to CHLA to find a kidney match. Maverick's mother checked to see if she could be a potential match for Maverick and she was. CHLA did the procedure and now Maverick is a healthy three- year old child.

Jamie gave Maverick some words of wisdom, as well as had a few laughs on the conference. Jamie echoed that smiles are the reasons that she loves with CHLA has been doing for many of years.


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