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James Robinson: Leadership on and off the field

Jacksonville, FL- Rookie of the month, James Robinson is a very motivated and inspiring leader on and off the field.

Robinson is the type of person that leads by actions and not by words. He doesn't talk much, but his voice speaks loud on the field. Robinson's teammates loves what he do and how he is always looking to improve himself daily. Just because he has won Rookie of the Month does not mean that Robinson will stop improving.

"I like to go about it like I don’t want to be surprised by anything that I do. For me, I want to go out there and play the same or even better every time . I want to help out the team and play my role in doing my job and helping my teammates out said," Robinson in a virtual presser.

Robinson comes from a very solid and supportive family that wants the best out of him and he carries that with him each time he is in practice or in the game. " My immediate family, they always kept my head straight and kept me in sports. I don’t think there was ever a day or season I went without playing something, mostly it was football and basketball the whole time. All the credit really goes to them. They kept my head on straight and I’ve just been in sports ever since.”

Outside of football, you can see Robinson giving advice to the youth or talking with people that he can inspire. He never lets the football side of things blow his head up. Robinson knows that he has a talent to inspire people on and off the field. Here is some advice he would give people with making their dreams or goals happen.

"I would] just say that anything’s possible. It doesn’t really matter where you go that much, so I would say just keep working hard. You never know who’s watching and I was always told that so every game I always tried to make a play every play and try to stand out. I would just say keep working hard and then you never know what can happen.”


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