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Jalen Hurts and Dallas Goedert's chemistry is an ingredient that is needed for a successful season

Updated: Aug 9, 2022

It is no secret that the Philadelphia Eagles brought into the Dallas Goedert stock and feels like he can be a key factor with helping the Eagles get to where they want to be this season.. Goedert has been a consistent blanket for Jalen Hurts in the last two years and have made big plays to keep the Eagles' season alive last season. Goedert is a special tight end that knows how to block, does the dirty work without any complaints, and has hands that can catch anything out the sky. Last season Goedert had a career year, catching 56 balls for 830 yards and four touchdowns.

This season, with the seat getting hotter for Hurts, Goedert has to remain calm, cool, and collective with helping him out. Both players have worked together in the offseason, building off of last years' chemistry and feels like they know each other pretty well. Eagles' head coach Nick Sirianni touched on the chemistry that he has seen with Hurts and Goedert during training camp.

"That's one of the first things we talk about with our core values of connecting. When you know a guy, you're going to go a little extra harder for him. Even though there will be times where you're like, I'm going as hard as I physically can. I can't go any harder, right? But when you know a guy there is a little something more that you have. When you connect with a guy, there is a little something more that you have. And so that's a really important piece.

Then add to it that they have to be on the same page, right, with where they are on the breaks and how they're running things and where Jalen is placing the ball and where he wants him to put the ball on this look or that look.'

"So, they need to have that chemistry even more. We look for that for our entire team to have just because we know how important a piece that is. Obviously at that position catching and throwing the ball they have to be in, and I've seen it. Dallas, I think based off all our numbers, Dallas is one of our leading target guys. So, he's one of our main guys, right? I don't think that's any secret. The chemistry between the two looks great, and you can tell they've worked not just in the OTAs or not just in the training camp, but they've worked other places on this chemistry together."

With the addition of AJ Brown, Goedert will have more balls thrown to him since Brown and DeVonta Smith will have most of the attention on them when they are in the game. On paper, the Eagles have a legitimate chance with making some noise in the NFC, but one of the key factors will be if Hurts and Goedert can stay on the same page. If they do, that adds more of a threat to their offense.


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