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Jaguars will promote unity with their Flags Out cause on Thursday Night Football

Jacksonville, FL- The Jacksonville Jaguars will start their campaign called Flags Out next week when they play the Miami Dolphins next Thursday.

The Jags have decided to show love and unity with a unique way of expressing themselves. On Thursday, they will rally as one under the banner of DuvALL TOGETHER. The banner is one giant way that fans can come together to show support for the team and the community.

“DuvALL TOGETHER is not a corporate tagline,” said Julian Duncan, Jaguars chief marketing officer and senior vice president of social responsibility and impact. “Rather, it is a declaration of unity that reinforces our belief that when we come together in solidarity we are stronger than those things that threaten to divide us.  This energy is part of what makes our Jaguars fans so amazing.  And the fact that this statement and creative execution was developed in collaboration with our friends at Threat Supply makes it all the more meaningful.”

Fans can purchase the flag for a limited time for $35 plus shipping and handling Current Jaguars season ticket members will receive a flag in the mail.  Any non-renewed season ticket members will receive a custom code via email for $10 off the purchase of a flag.  Net proceeds from the “Flags Out” campaign will benefit the Jaguars Foundation and its annual programs and initiatives.

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