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How hot is the seat getting for Jalen Hurts

Jalen Hurts is going into his third season playing for the Philadelphia Eagles and there have been some concern with his inability to read a defense or throw the deep ball on a consistent basis . In his rookie year (2020), Hurts took over the starting position late in the second half of the season, outworking Carson Wentz. Well, after the season ended, Wentz voiced his frustrations about the coaching and how Doug Pederson treated him and demanded Philadelphia trade him.

Philadelphia not only traded Wentz to the Colts, but released Pederson of his coaching duties, which put the Eagles in more of a rebuilding mode. The Eagles decided to go with Nick Sirianni, which could have helped or hurt the emergence of Hurts. In his first season with the Eagles, Sirianni put more emphasis on a RPO type of offense than actually letting Hurts find his rhythm through the air. Hurts finished the season with 16 touchdowns and 9 interceptions, raking up 3,144 yards through the air, but the Eagles'offense was run first type of team.

Throughout the previous season, it seemed like Hurts was not confident throwing deep passes and if he did was late with the throws, which led to turnovers. Members of media and Philadelphia fans have been consistently on Hurts and have criticized his play. Hurts have took those criticism punches and have remained upbeat and positive with adapting to new looks, never complaining, and always looking for room to improve his craft.

This season, the Eagles are the favorite to win the NFC East in some people's eyes, but in order to do that, Hurts have to play like his career depends on it. The Eagles have some speedy wide receivers on their roster with the addition to AJ Brown.

In a press conference today, Sirianni talked about the improvement that he sees in Hurts entering training camp. "You can see he's a year further into it, decisions are being made quicker and faster each time he gets a rep at it. Just like a lot of quarterbacks in this league, they get better with their decision making over time.. You're definitely going to see that. You will still see his play making ability with his feet. I saw a more accurate passer in OTAs, and now he's got to go and continue to improve every single day."

With all the weapons that the Eagles have, the pressure may be heating up for Hurts. Only time will tell, if the Hurts' experiment was a success story or a failed one.


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