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Holly Holm Defeats Irene Aldana by Unanimous Decision

Vegas-- Holly Holm destroys Irene Aldana for five rounds and gets the win by a Unanimous decision.

For the entire fight, Holm dominated Aldana with her striking ability, as well as her technique on the ground. Aldana was stunned majority of the fight by Holm's striking ability. Holm was throwing jabs and hooks that kept Aldana at bay and forced her to try to find a different way to get herself in the fight. The fight was one-sided and that was the victory that Holm needed to gain her confidence back.

Holm stated after the fight that she is open to fight any fighters in the division. Since defeating Ronda Rousey in 2015, Holm has struggled to put consecutive wins together. Certain critics felt like Holm was not being the aggressor in fights or she was taking too many hits to the face without blocking them. Hopefully with this win, Holm has shut the critics up with the performance she had on Saturday.

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