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  • Tarrian Rodgers

GGG pummels Japanese star Ryota Murata become unified Middleweight Champion

Gennady “GGG” Golovkin turned back the clock in the land of the rising sun to defeat Japanese star Ryota Murata in front of his home crowd in Saitama, Japan. For GGG he hasn’t touched a boxing ring in 478 days and in the early rounds whether it was the rust or his age of 40, Murata was able to do good work on the inside and control some of the fights pace. Murata utilized a relentless body attack and consistent pressure to throw Golovkin out of sorts. Golovkin's footwork was not sharp and it looked like the decision could come down to the hands of the judges.

Golovkin being the veteran he is, was able to make adjustments after the 5th round and he turned up the pressure on his young challenger. Golovkin on his 40th birthday gifted his opponent with hard combinations. GGG landed a hard right hand that sent Murata’s mouthpiece flying. Murata’s confidence seemed to wane as the fight continued. GGG applied more pressure. At the start of Round 9, GGG raced to Murata immediately landing a heavy right hand that set the finish of the fight into motion. Murata was sent back into the ropes. Golovkin landed a straight right hand that took Murata's legs and forced the corner to throw in the towel. After the fight in a kind gesture GGG gifted his famous robe to his opponent as a sign of respect.

What’s next for GGG is a path to set up his trilogy with Saul “Canelo” Alvarez. The two signed a contract to fight each other around September that is if Canelo can clear the challenge of Dmitry Bivol on May 7. Canelo and GGG may be one of the top rivalries in all the sport in which the first two fights ended in a draw and split decision for Canelo. GGG looks to finally get one over on his rival. Tonight’s win however will go a long way to give GGG confidence and an ounce of momentum that will potentially carry him into his long awaited showdown.

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