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Gervonta "Tank" Davis buckles Mario Barrios in the 11th with some vicious body shots to get the TKO

Atlanta- After moving up two weight classes, Gervonta Davis upsets Mario Barrios in the 11th with a TKO.

Coming into the fight against Barrios, Davis was the underdog, because of his height and weight. Davis shut down all of the negative noise on Saturday, after he dismantled Barrios and gave him his first loss in his boxing career.

In the first few rounds, Davis had trouble getting close to Barrios. Barrios was using his jab to keep Davis from getting into the inside. Davis adjusted to Barrios' offensive strategy in the fourth and baited him with his speed. As soon as Barrios thew the jab, Davis avoided the jab and hit him with some power shots that backed Barrios up.

Davis's confidence started to grow after he hit Barrios with a power shot to the face and knocked Barrios down in the eight round. Barrios got back up and won the ninth and tenth. However, the eleventh round Davis just went for the body of Barrios. Davis rocked Barrios with a body shot that made him drop to his knees. Barrios got back up after an eight count. A few seconds late, Davis hit with another body shot that made Barrios shake his head in disbelief and decided that he was done.

After the TKO victory, this is what Davis had to say about the win. “I knew for sure if I catch him, I’m crackin,” Davis told SHOWTIME’s Jim Gray. “So I caught him, and it showed. My coach was telling me to go to a jab style but I’m a southpaw so they know I’m going to that jab side. So I would try and bait him in. I faked like I was going left, and I threw my right. And my hook over top, and that’s where I caught him.”

Davis is 25-0 and has proven time in and time out that he can overcome adversity. It will be interesting to see who Davis will fight in the near future, after moving up two weight classes.

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