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  • Anthony Morrow

Gervonta Tank Davis blurred Hector Luis Garcia's eyesight to get the TKO at the start of the ninth

There were a lot of impactful fights on this card, let's see how each one faired.

Gervonta “Tank” Davis didn't disappoint in the main event as Hector Luis Garcia was unable to continue and answer the bell for the 9th round in a TKO victory in Washington DC. Garcia came in the fight with the Dominican Republic on his back and fought a good fight, but in the end Tank Davis' power was too much for the Dominican to handle. Garcia proved he was worthy of this opportunity as he showed that he could land punches in the fight, landing left hands and finding a lot of success to the body of Davis. Garcia’s strategy to bait Davis into his offense started to come apart around the 4th round as Davis started landing power shots and finding his range. Garcia would continue his game plan while Davis was finding his rhythm hitting Garcia with power shots consistently. Garcia began to lose confidence in his strategy, which did not help him the rest of the fight. Soon after the bell sounded for the 8th round, an altercation took place in the crowd and held the fight up as security was needed to ensure the safety of the audience and remove the parties involved. Rapper Meek Mill and his entourage were seen leaving their section. The fight resumed shortly after and Davis proceeded where he left off, landing devastating lefts hooks including one that caused temporary loss of sight. Garcia complained he was unable to see and forfeited the rest of the fight going into the 9th round. Davis has answered the challenge and now is looking at a murderous row ahead as he was asked about a matchup with Ryan Garcia in April. He stated that he’s ready and he’ll be back in the gym next week. I’m sure we will see social media keeping this fire fueled until we see these two superstars actually fight each other in the ring. Big shoes to fill for Boots Ennis

Tonight’s co main event featured Jaron “Boots” Ennis vs Karan Chuckhadzhian in a 12 round welterweight bout. Compared to Ennis’s past fights, this was not your typical Boots outcome besides the victory. In what many expected a dramatic knockout finish, Jaron Ennis was taken the distance and extended his undefeated streak with a unanimous decision win over Chuckhadzhian.

Chuckhadzhian came in with a gameplan to move away from the power side Ennis presented throughout the fight. Although Chuckhadzhian's strategy was effective with him avoiding big shots from Ennis, he wasn’t able to really assert himself offensively, as Jaron Ennis walked down the very game Ukrainian fighter.

Ennis may have not gotten the finish he desired but the results are what matters. He is still one of the most explosive contenders you’ll find in the welterweight division. Boots is now in line for the bigger names and title shots. The hard hitting multi-dimensional fighter has checked all the boxes and deserves an opportunity to become world champion.

Speedy Rashidi Ellis upset in IBF title eliminator

Rashidi Ellis upset in a 12-round thriller against Roiman Villa. Villa’s promoter predicted the bigger Villa would be too strong, and in the end, Ellis ultimately felt Villa’s power in a late round surge that ended Ellis’s undefeated record

Huge late round heroics from Villa resulting in two knockdowns in the 12th, as Villa was building on what he started in the 10th round. Ellis for majority of the fight controlled the tempo and distance with his jab and counter punches. Even though Ellis was landing punches often, the judges rewarded Villa for continually walking down the faster and sharper puncher Ellis. They preferred the harder punching Villa who scored knockdowns and had Ellis in trouble most of the 12th round.

Villa in his post-fight interview expressed interest in a rematch against Ellis, Ellis obviously disagrees with the decision and accepted the rematch offer. This fight was an IBF eliminator meaning Villa moves one step closer to a title shot for the IBF welterweight championship.

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