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Geared for Greatness supporting Speedway Children’s Charities hosted by Sage Steele

Since 1997, Speedway Children’s Charities at Texas Motor Speedway has distributed more than $11.8 million in funding to non-profit organizations in Collin, Dallas, Denton and Tarrant counties supporting children in need. The funds distributed by Speedway Children’s Charities are raised through special events held throughout the year. Speedway Children’s Charities could fill the grandstands at Texas Motor Speedway 18 times with the number of children we have helped since 1997. Our reach is far, and the dollars we raise go to directly helping children in our community.

Friday morning the 2023 Geared for Greatness event was hosted in Ft. Worth at the Hotel Drover. The host of the event was broadcast journalist, Sage Steele who shared stories of triumph and challenges for a greater purpose. Prior to Sage, Kayla Wilkie (Director of Hotel Drover) and Scott Murray (Director of Speedway Children’s Charities) spoke about the history of the organization and the development throughout the different regions in Texas and nationwide. Sage Steele spoke about the importance of family and understanding how valuable raising her kids was during a time that she felt torn on fulfilling her broadcasting assignments and being there for her daughter’s birthday and how ultimately a breakfast attendant at a hotel gave her words of affirmation to take the leap and be there for her family first.

These words that were shared hit home for many people in the room with several tears in their eyes. Joining Sage as part of the panel was Katie Douglas, Owner & CEO, Douglass SPLY CO. who has had over 20 years’ experience in the sports industry with being a major part of the New England Patriots organization at one time of her career. Katie’s eloquent words were full of compassion and knowledge from someone that had been involved in an industry that was male dominated, but her own belief and confidence in her knowledge of the role is what led her to be respected by multiple executives across several teams and leagues. Panelist Jace Fletcher, CO-Founder & CEO Corndog with no name shared her struggles with working in corporate America and the fact that she trusted in the comfort of her family that led her back to Texas to guide her to new paths that she could not have imagined.

The special guest, Lt. Col. Caroline “Blaze” Jensen show stopped with her story on the belief of becoming a fighter jet pilot since a young age in spite of her high school teacher not believing in her, and having fears and doubts at the Air Force Academy, but ultimately prevailed and is now a retired fighter pilot and veteran. She also flew in the #3 wing position for the Thunderbirds as well.

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