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Enduring Hearts upcoming gala and auction will bring awareness to youth with heart problems

GA- On June 5th, Enduring Hearts will have a gala and auction event to bring awareness to children living with transplanted hearts.

The gala will start at 3:30 PM, ET and the location of the event will be at 503 South HollySprings Road Woodstock, GA 30138. Attendees will enjoy a live watch party of the Belmont Stakes. Here are some of the items that will be auction, as well as things to do at the gala.

There will be a live auction VIP experience that includes private jet service to the Buffalo Trace distillery, VIP tour and a private barrel selection of Blanton’s Original Single, Barrell Bourbon Whiskey from Sazerac and accommodations at the new private Stagg Lodge overlooking the distillery. There will be a lot of noticeable guests such as Richard Seymour (3x Patriots Super Bowl Champion) and Albert Sye (Mean Circle Ventures).

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