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Encouragement is the hope that gives purpose at Children’s Hospital Los Angeles

There have been a lot of unpleasant cries and anguish in the world at this current moment, but on Tuesday the spotlight was shinning at the Children's Hospital in Los Angeles. The Children's Hospital in Los Angeles kicked off it's 7th Annual Make March Matter fundraiser with Jamie Lee Curtis hosting the virtual event.

In the virtual event, Lee discussed why helping the Children's Hospital Los Angeles was something that is so near and dear to her. We’ve all known Children’s Hospital Los Angeles is the premier institution for critically ill and injured children, and yet we feel like maybe we can’t give enough. What [is] so beautiful about Make March Matter™ is that it brings the whole community together. If you go to you will see the lists of businesses, of exercise classes, of coffee… all of those businesses are joining together to Make March Matter™ for Children’s Hospital Los Angeles and our patients… I am the permanent head cheerleader for Children’s Hospital Los Angeles.”

Outside of Lee, actor Matt LeBlanc shared his passion with working with the foundation and improving the lives of children. On the zoom, there were a couple of patients that gave praise to how well the foundation helped them when they needed it and how they supported them through their toughest battles. It was an eye opener on how the little things in life, people should be grateful to have.


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