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Emmy's gifting suite will feature women and minority business owners

Los Angeles- This year, the official Emmy's gifting suite will be a mixture of diversity, as women and minority business owners shine in the spotlight for Backstage Creations.

Despite the very intimate setting this year for Emmys' weekend, due to the on-going global pandemic, the Emmys' official gifting suit will be empowering. The gifting suit will have women and minority small business owners bringing out the smiles and their creative gift sets for the celebrities who will attend their event.

Wellness, masks, beverages, and more items will be showcased in these unique gift bags for the gifting suits. "After a year and a half that has been brutal on small businesses (including ours) it’s exciting to be back to share these opportunities at the intersection of talent and brands, and to provide a little fun for people to enjoy behind the scenes, all for a great cause."

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