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Eagles stay in the hunt for a wildcard spot, defeating Washington 27-17

Philadelphia- The Eagles overcome early turnovers to pull out a victory over Washington.

Mathematically the Eagles were still in the mix with playing for a wild card position,but they had to beat Washington on Tuesday to stay in contention.Things looked a little grim for Philadelphia with the Vikings and 49ers winning on Sunday, but anything could happen. Philadelphia was heavily favored with Washington losing players out due to COVID-19.

Despite rumors swirling around that Jalen Hurts was going to miss Tuesday's game throughout the weekend, he got the call to start. Hurts started off very shaky. He threw an interception on Philadelphia's opening drive, which resulted in points for Washington. After a toe dragging completion by DeVanta Smith on the Eagles ensuing drive, it looked like Philadelphia was going to come away with some type of points on the scoreboard, but that vision was blurred as Hurts fumbled the ball. Washington recovered the ball. A couple of plays later, the Eagles found themselves in a 10-0 hole.

Philadelphia got their offense rolling mid-way in the second. Miles Sanders gave the team an energy boost and had a couple of hard runs to put the Eagles in the redzone. Two running plays and a disappointing back of the endzone throw forced Philadelphia to kick a field goal to cut the lead down, 10-3. Hurts erased his early mistakes with a one-yard keeper to tie the game up before half, 10-10.

The Eagles started to look like the team that could sneak into the playoffs in the second half. On both sides of the ball, they was handling business. On the defensive side, they forced Washington to speed up the game. Blaine Gabbert had no time in the pocket to go through his progressions. On the offensive end, the Eagles tact on 10 points in the third quarter and went back to hard nose ground and pound with their running attack. They went on to escape a fourth quarter comeback by Washington to stay in contention for a playoff spot.


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