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Eagles return back to the NFC Championship game, defeating the Giants 38-7

This NFC East divisional game was expected to be a tight hard and physical fight, but all fans got was an old fashion butt kicking by the Philadelphia Eagles. From the start of the game to the end, the Eagles controlled the time of possession and utilized their weapons in AJ Brown, DeVonta Smith and their running attack. By the end of the first half, Philadelphia already scored 28 points, while Daniel Jones and the Giants struggled to get anything going offensively.

With a 28-0 lead at the half, the Eagles' message was to stay aggressive in the second half, in which they did. Philadelphia's defense was shot out of a cannon and pressured Jones a lot. They forced two critical turnovers that took the life of out the G-Men and went on to advance to another NFC Championship game by running the ball down New York's throat. They will be playing either the 9ers or their rivals in the Dallas Cowboys next week.

Hurts finished with 154 yards through the air, 34 yards on the ground, and 2 touchdowns.

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