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Eagles overcame adversity to defeat Washington 20-16

Coming into the game against Washington,Philadelphia held all of the cards to reach the playoffs,but they had to take care of business and get two wins to win out. You would think the Eagles' offense would come out pumped up,but they came out very flat. Philadelphia's strength in the running game was non-existent in the first half. They were held to 47-yards on the ground

While the offense struggled to get in their groove, the defense had problems of their own. Washington put up 16 points in the first half on a very good defense. Philadelphia had no answer for Taylor Heinicke. Heinicke managed the game pretty well and did not turn the ball over. Philadelphia could not get any pressure on Heinicke and he made them pay. With the stakes high, the Eagles' confidence was low, walking into the half down, 16-7.

Urgency was the theme for the second half. Boston Scott got the Eagles back into the game with a huge touchdown at the start of the third. With that touchdown, the cards started switching in favor of Philadelphia. The defense woke up and was very aggressive with putting a pass rush on Washington. Little by little, the Eagles' front started to dominate the inside and caused havoc for Washington. The Eagles took their first lead of the game with less than two minutes left in regulation, but could they hold on.

Josh Sweat and crew got the stops that they needed and walked away with another scrappy victory.

Hurts finished 17 out of 26 for 214 yards


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