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Eagles gets a huge lift in potential playoff berth with a win against the Giants and a Vikings loss

Philadelphia- The Eagles defeat the Giants and increase their playoff chances 34-10

The birds had the opportunity to make things very interesting in the race for the last two Wild Card spots on Sunday. With the 9ers loosing on Thursday and the Vikings needing a win to keep the last playoff spot,the Eagles controlled their destine. Philadelphia needed a win against the Giants and some help along the way.

Things did not go as planned for the Eagles at the start of the first. Jalen Hurts attempted to force a ball in a tight window on a third and short play. At first glance, it looked like the Giants picked Hurts off, but after a review it was overturned. After the scare, the Eagles seemed to lose confidence. Dropped balls and not running the correct routes, put Philadelphia's offense in some huge holes that they could not get out of. Philadelphia struggled to get anything productive going in the half until late in the second . After having two fumbles and a missed field goal, Philadelphia's prayer of a good drive happened. Hurts threw a 46-yard bomb to Devanta Smith to set the Eagles up in the redzone. After three tries, Philadelphia could not punch the ball in the endzone and settled for a field goal. At the end of the half, with no offensive explosion, both teams walked into the locker room tied 3-3.

Philadelphia opened up the second half with a touchdown to take their first lead of the game, 10-3. A couple minutes later, the Eagles went from an offensive struggle to tacking on more points after a 42-yard punt return to extend their lead 13-3. Well, the Eagles hit the kill switch and took the Giants' heart late in the quarter. Hurts hooked up with Smith for a five-yard touchdown to put the game on ice. The Eagles went on to win and improve their chances of making the playoffs.


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