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Dreams of wins are turning into nightmares for the Eagles

Philadelphia- The Eagles were defeated by the Bucs 28-22.

With a 6-0 record on Thursday Night Football, the Eagles would have their hands and plates full with a Tampa Bay Bucs team that was hitting on all cylinders. Coming into the game, the Eagles were the underdogs and wanted to let people know that they were going to come after the Bucs.

Welp, words without actions was what the Eagles showed on the Bucs' opening dive. No pressure on Brady and huge holes in the middle of the defense made it easy for Brady to crave up the defense. Eventually, the Bucs scored a touchdown and once again the Eagles had to dig themselves out of an early deficit. Philadelphia answered the Bucs' score with one of their own. Jalen Hurts hit Zach Ertz for a five-yard touchdown score early in the first, 7-7.

Down by seven and needing a big play from their defense, Marcus Epps intercepted Brady. However, it was overturned after a booth review. Before Epps gained control of the ball, the tip of the ball touched the ground. Things went from good to worse in a blink of an eye for the stagnant Eagles. Hurts tried to throw a deep ball and overthrew his receiver; which was picked off by the Bucs. The Bucs turned the turnover into points, 21-7. Philadelphia walked into the locker room in a 21-7 hole.

I think it was safe to say that the Eagles were not ready for the Bucs in the second half. Philadelphia's secondary had no idea how to stop Brady and the unstoppable force.There was no resistance with pressure on Brady or pressing the Bucs wide receiving core. It seemed like the Eagles'confidence was whipped like they stole Tampa's heart. Hurts tried to make things interesting late in the third, after he scored a six-yard touchdown run to cut the Buc's lead to a two possession game, 28-14.

The Eagles stop the Buc's on the ensuing drive and got their offense going a bit.However, they were stopped in the redzone and was forced to attempt a field goal. Jake Elliott pushed the kick wide right and the boos started raining down by the frustrated Eagles' fan base. Philadelphia got a huge break from the Bucs mid-way in the fourth. Tampa Bay went for it on a fourth and short and did not convert the down; which gave the Eagles great field position. A couple plays later, the Eagles punched it in the endzone and converted on a two-point conversion to cut the Bucs' lead to six, 28-22.

Antonio Brown broke the Eagles' heart as he put the Buc's on his shoulders and marched them to a victory.


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