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Dominique Dawes teams up with Uninterrupted as EP for gymnasts docu-series

New York- On Tuesday, Peacock announced that they were going to partner up with the Uninterrupted for a gymnasts docu-series, which will air prior to the 2021 Tokyo Olympics.

LeBron James and Maverick Carter wanted to tell the story of gymnasts. They decided that they could not do a docu-series without having three-time Olympian Dominique Dawes involved in some form of matter with her experience producing, as well as being a gymnast herself. James and Carter agreed that Dawes was the right person to be the executive producer for the series.

The series will follow the top American gymnasts as they prepare for the Olympics. The gymnasts will talk about adapting to the global pandemic, topics that help them cope with the pandemic, and how they are preparing for the upcoming Olympics. The series will be six episodes, one hour long.

Dawes is excited and honored to bring this docu-series to the center of attention. When I look back, I remember the tremendous sacrifice it took me to achieve my own Olympic pursuits,” said Dawes. “Similarly, these gymnasts have and will continue to endure physical, emotional and mental hurdles that most cannot fathom. The millions of viewers who watch the Summer Games are accustomed to witnessing the short-lived glory of the podium without truly understanding the demands these young female athletes face.”

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