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Dereck Carr has a huge day in Saint's debut

In their first home game of the season, the Saints had to face the Titans, who reconstructed their entire offensive approach and added Deandre Hopkins to their roster. Coming into this season, the Saints were looking to reestablish themselves as a playoff team and figure out their identify. Well, Rome wasn't built in one day and the Saints were not looking to build their empire in one day. They were looking to improve each and every week.

Prior to the game, the Saints wanted to find some type of rhythm and balance within their offense. They wanted to make sure that Dereck Carr was comfortable and not overload him with throwing the ball more than 40 times.

Welp, New Orleans had trouble running the ball, so they leaned on Carr's arm. Carr had a decent debut as he showcased throwing the rock down the field. However, he did miss a couple of throws that could have gone for some huge gains. Offensively, the Saints couldn't smell the endzone until late into the third quarter, as Carr hit Rachid Shaheed in stride for the 15-yard touchdown catch. That touchdown gave the Saints some breathing room as they extend their lead 16-12.

With under two minutes left in regulation, clinging onto a one-point lead, Carr had the opportunity to put his team in position to win the game. A costly penalty hurt the Saints as they tried to escape with a victory. On a third and short, Carr went for the entire meal instead of the appetizer as he hit shaheed for a 42-bomb to close out the game 16-15. Carr finished 23/33 for 305 yards, 1 touchdown, and 1 interception.

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