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Cowboys' defense stepped up against the Saints 27-17

Dallas- The Cowboys' defense had four picks in a victory over the New Orleans Saints.

After having a disappointing game on Thanksgiving day, the Cowboys' offense heard the critics about running the ball more and used more running plays against the Saints in the first quarter.Tony Pollard and Ezekiel Elliott was a non factor and combined for eight yards. The Cowboys' offense came alive late in the quarter, as all three high flying receivers made some huge plays to put Dallas in the redzone. Dak Prescott capped off the drive, throwing a touchdown pass to Michael Gallup.

After New Orleans scored a touchdown, the Cowboys hit a 54-yard field goal to go up 10-7 midway in the second. The last two minutes of the first half was a sessions in toe tapping drag swag. Jayron Kearse had one heck of an interception, dragging his toe to complete the catch. After the pick, Gallup dragged his toes on a tight sideline catch. A couple plays later, Dallas tacked on their second field goal to walk in the locker room with a 13-7 lead.

The Cowboys' offense was very conservative in the second half. Prescott was consistently pressured by the Saints. For awhile they went away from the run, but in a blink of one's eye, Pollard hit the Madden booster button and went 58- yards for a touchdown. Dallas had some very weird and uncanny calls, but did enough to pull out the victory over the Saints.

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