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Covid-19 Booster shot required for Media covering NFL Playoff Games and Super Bowl 56

On Monday, the NFL issued a statement to media around the globe, stating that media,who wants to cover playoff games, as well as Super Bowl 56 will be required to have proof that they are vaccinated with the Covid-19 booster.

With the new variant Omicron being one of the dangerous variants around the globe, the NFL has taking extreme measures to make sure that players and media are safe during the exciting time of the year. Since 2020, sports organizations have been critical with following the CDC guidelines and limiting media to a handful of people covering games live. A once packed press box is a little eerie with a calmer environment, people wearing face coverings, and six feet of social distancing. Outside of limiting media covering games live, the public relations teams from around the league have set up more zoom conferences to ensure the safety of both players and media.

In the last couple of weeks, the NFL has had problems containing players who have tested positive for Covid-19 and on a bigger scale Los Angeles has spiked within positive cases. On Monday, it was reported that the city had 9,000 positive cases in one day.. Stopping the spread has been a back and forth war between the vaccinated and the non-vaccinated. Now, with the New Year approaching, it looks like everyone is paying attention and doing what is necessary to stay safe.

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