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  • Karla Uriarte

Courthouse Chaos Unleashed in Gripping Thriller 'Call Her King' Premiering on BET+ in July

Get ready for a thrilling and suspenseful cinematic experience as BET+ prepares to premiere the action-packed film "Call Her King" this July. Directed by Wes Miller, known for his previous work on "A Day to Die," this gripping movie features a star-studded cast, including Naturi Naughton and Lance Gross. "Call Her King" follows the story of Judge Jaeda King, brilliantly portrayed by Naturi Naughton, known for her role in Power Book ll: Ghost. Just after sentencing Sean Samuels (Jason Mitchell) to death, chaos erupts as Samuels' brother Gabriel, also known as Black Caesar and played by Lance Gross, takes control of the courthouse. In a desperate bid for survival, Judge King must rely on her intelligence, strength, and resourcefulness to navigate the tense situation, save the hostages, and fight her way out. With the addition of talented actors such as Johnny Messner, Nicholas Turturro, Tobias Truvillion, Garrett Hendricks, and Shiobann Amisial, "Call Her King" brings a compelling depth to its thrilling narrative. Under the banner of BLacklight Entertainment, founded by Andrew van den Houten and Wes Miller, this film comes as their first production. It represents a significant step towards promoting diversity and inclusivity in the industry. BLacklight Entertainment aims to provide quality opportunities for individuals from underrepresented backgrounds in front of and behind the camera. Prepare to be captivated as "Call Her King" makes its debut on BET+ on July 6. With its heart-pounding action and riveting performances, this adrenaline-fueled cinematic journey is one not to be missed.

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