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Consistency has been preached and echoed in the Chargers' locker room heading into preseason

As the second week of training camp continues, the Los Angeles Chargers have used one word that they continue to use to motivate and inspire their players and that word is consistency. From the general manager to the head coach, the word consistency continues to echo around the organization. After coming up short to get into the playoffs, in a thrilling game against the Las Vegas Raiders, the Chargers looked to take that next step, heading into the next season.

They have a great leader in Justin Herbert, who has excelled in his first two years in the NFL. Herbert, has given the Chargers a charge and a chip on their shoulders. Now, in training camp, the Chargers know what they have in each of their players and want them to understand that consistency sets the tone for a successful training camp and season.

Special teams coordinator Ryan Ficken talked about his overview of training camp so far.

"Another good day of work. I think that these specialists are doing a great job in terms of trying to find their niche, in terms of being consistent. I think that they’re putting in a good day’s work each and every day, continuing to get better. I’m very impressed with the core guys and how they’ve been working, how they’ve bought in, how they’ve worked with the technique and fundamentals, things that we’re trying to get down to lay the foundation and get off of the ground. Other than that, I think that it’s been a good camp so far. We’re just trying to build on each day and move forward.”

“It’s always good if you can keep consistency along the line. There are always gonna be moving parts and stuff with injuries and what not, but just to kind of keep that consistency on the left side, it’s going to be good for a young group.”

The Chargers are pretty excited and pumped up for the season, but first have to figure out their roster in a very short preseason. Preseason for the Bolts starts August 13 vs the Rams.

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