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Colorado gets stomped on by Ducks 42-6

Updated: Sep 24, 2023

After surviving a thrilling game against the Colorada Sate last week, the Buffaloes had a huge match-up against the Oregon Ducks on Saturday. Once again, Colorado were the underdogs in this game and so Coach Prime used that as motivation to hype up his team. Despite Shedeur Sanders having one heck of an early season, throwing for 10 touchdowns and having only 1 interception, a lot of critics felt like he needed to play perfect against the Ducks in order for the Buffaloes to shake up the world with a victory over Oregon.

Things turned out differently than what Colorado expect. Majority of the first half, their defense was on the field and had trouble putting pressure on Bo Nix. Nix was exposing the Buffaloes' defense and put them in range notice to go for the kill shots down the field. The Ducks' lead expanded to a 21-0 skunk affair with Colorado's swag kept in check. Sanders finished with only 56 yards through the air and had a graveyard hole to dig out of at the half, 35-0

Down by 35 and trying to find some type of positive light to shine on Colorado, Coach Sanders told his team to keep fighting and believing in each other. Take it one play at a time and be careful with the turning the ball over. For this young team, the energy was not there. The offense couldn't get anything productive going in the second half until three minutes left in the game, as they scored their first touchdown. The score was just a confidence booster and it showed that Colorado was going to keep fighting, despite the score. After the game, Coach Sanders basically stated that this team will learn from their mistakes, take this game as a learning lesson, and get back to work. Sanders finished the game 23-33 for 159 yards and 1 touchdown.


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