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Chloe X Halle are the new faces for Neutrogena

Los Angeles- Chloe X Halle becomes the first sister brand ambassador for Neutrogena.

The sister pop duo have used Neutrogena at a very young age, so they were very excited when it was announced that they were the first sisters to be brand ambassador for the prestigious company. Both sisters wanted the world to know that you can be your authentic and unapologetic self in the skin that you are comfortable in.

In an interview with People's magazine,this is what both sisters had to say about being brand ambassadors for Neutrogena.

Chloe: We've always loved how the products have worked and felt on our skin. So when they came to us, we were so freaking excited. And to be the first ever sister duo ambassadors, that just makes it so much cooler, because I get to do this with my best friend. And I'm really grateful that Neutrogena's standards and morals align with ours. Instead of hiding who you are, and instead of dulling who you are, it just helps us elevate ourselves and shine through even more.

Halle: We truly feel so honored, because we feel like their messaging has always been just to be authentically you and to let your inner light shine. That is something that my sister and I have been working towards our whole lives, and are still working towards. And getting to show women, and other Black women, that Neutrogena has so many inclusive products. I'm just so grateful."

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