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Chase Elliot Wins in Daytona

Daytona, FL- Chase Elliots wins in Daytona, as he held off Denny Hamlin late into the race.

Elliot scraps a victory in Daytona as he gets his third consecutive victory in a road course. With under 10-laps left in the race and a 10- second lead, Elliot was in full swing of getting the victory until Kyle Busch blew out a tire. The caution was brought out, which gave Hamlin a chance to seize the moment by getting to the front of the pack. Elliot did just enough to fight off Hamlin, who was riding his bumper the remaining seven laps.

"I kept him honest there," Hamlin said. "He had such good drive off [the corners] I couldn't do anything with him."

“Just had a really good car more than anything, not sure I did anything special today,” Elliott said. “Really fortunate from that standpoint. Had a good week of preparation and came out and really executed on the race.”

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