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Can Justin Herbet take the Chargers to the post season

The Los Angeles Chargers are a team that has talent on both sides of the ball but it sems like the games that they should win, they lose. This season has been very similar to last year. Justin Herbert will have a good game throwing the ball through the air, but costly mistakes has hurt the Chargers. He has thrown 16 touchdowns and have 7 picks thus far, but their record does not give that record much credibility.

LA is 5-5 and ranked second in their division right now. Their remaining schedule is mildly tough, but the Chargers could finish out the season 3-3, but some of those potential wins maybe be trap games. The Raiders and Cardinals are definitely two teams that could potentially shock the Chargers. Everything lands on the shoulders of this young star; everyone knows what he can do and how he can throw the ball down the field with accuracy. The thing is people want to see him take his game and team to another level and some have not seen that thus far. It is like Herbert has the making of being a great QB, but the consistency has to be there. There is so much football left, so it will be interesting to see if Herbert can be the solider that his team needs to put them in position of not just a playoff spot, but winning their division.

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