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Buckeyes gets plucked by the Ducks in a shocker, 35-28

Ohio- The Buckeyes' defense were defeated by the Oregon Ducks 35-28.

After squeezing out a victory over Minnesota and avoiding the upset in their season opener, Ohio State wanted to show that they were going to be the aggressive against the Oregon Ducks.

On their opening drive, the Buckeyes decided to be very aggressive and went for it on a fourth and seven at the Ducks' 30-yard. CJ Stroud overthrew his wide receiver and failed to convert the down. Aggressiveness and trying to speed up the game seemed to be the theme for Ohio State after failing to convert on fourth down early on. They tried multiple times to find a seem in Oregon's defense with running RPO plays, but the Ducks stayed discipline and got the Buckeyes off the field on third downs.

Stroud could not get it going and looked uncomfortable in the pocket. When he had time in the pocket, Stroud threw the ball too high for his receivers to come down with the ball. Offensively, the dangerous Buckeyes' offense was put to sleep by the choke hold of the Ducks until Stroud hit a wide open Garrett Wilson for a 27-yard touchdown to knot the game up midway in the second, 7-7.

The Buckeyes' touchdown and celebration was short lived, because the Ducks skinned Ohio's secondary with some deep throws down the field on the ensuing possession. Ohio State finally got a stop on a third down and short. The Ducks decided to be aggressive and go for it on a fourth and one. The Ducks not only converted the down, but scored on the conversion. CJ Verdell took it the distance untouched and extend their lead 14-7.

Despite not converting on two fourth down conversions, overthrowing wide receivers, and a defense that could not stop the Ducks, the Buckeyes were down a touchdown at the half, 14-7. The Buckeyes had a total of 233 yards and went 5 out of 9 on third down conversions.

The start of the second half was not something that the Buckeyes wanted to happen Once again, Ohio State over-committed on a play they thought was going to be a pass play, but the Ducks decided to run the ball. Verdell took it to the crib for a 70-yard touchdown run. After the Ducks'touchdown, the Buckeyes answer the call and scored a touchdown to cut the lead back down to a touchdown, 21-14.

The Buckeyes found themselves in a deep grave that they were trying to dig themselves late into the third.Their defense could not get Oregon off the field on third down conversions and was scratching their heads with trying to get pressure on Anthony Brown. Ohio was trying to find some glimmer of hope heading into into the fourth down 28-14.

At the start of the fourth, Ohio St. felt like they needed a touchdown instead of a field goal and went for it on a fourth down conversion at the 20-yard line of the Ducks. They converted the down and a play later Treveyon Henderson ran the ball for a one-yard touchdown to cut the Ducks' lead to one possession, 28-21. Once again, the Buckeyes' momentum was put on pause, because the Ducks went down the field on the ensuing possession and scored another touchdown to take a 34-21 lead.

Midway in the fourth, the Buckeyes scored on anther gutsy call. They decided to go on a fourth and short at the Ducks 10-yard line. Not only they converted the down, but scored another crucial touchdown to cut Oregon's lead to a touchdown, 35-28. Ohio St. finally got the stop that they needed on the defensive end with under six minutes left in regulation to try to tie the game up.

Stroud had a shot down the field to a wide open receiver,but missed him. That missed shot down the field was a potential heartbreaker for the Buckeyes, but they had one gasps of life before the end of the game. Down by seven, with a crucial third and long at their own 30, Stroud made a huge mistake. After being pressured by the Ducks, he tried to throw a touch pass to his check down, but was picked off by the Ducks.

The Ducks went on to defeat and shock Ohio State.

Stroud finished with 472 yards, 3 touchdowns, and 1 pick.


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