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Brandy Will Be Releasing Her New Album B7 July, 31,2020

New York- Grammy Award-winning singer and songwriter Brandy will be releasing her seventh album B7 at the end of July.

Brandy's new album will take fans on her journey through the industry, as well as personal situations that happened over the years as she has grown spiritually. This album is much more intimate and personal to Brandy. “Because this was such a personal project for me, I wanted to make sure the music was right and the best for me. It took a minute,” said Bandy.“I was trying to find my sound and get to a place where I could express myself as honestly as I could creatively.”  

This year, Brandy released a song called "Baby Mother' that featured Chance the Rapper. The song was about mothers raising their children, despite not having much of a support system. The song is currently ranked seventh on the Adult R&B Chart.

B7 will be her first album since 2012, so fans will like the progression of Brandy taking it back to some of her classic style albums. The album is available for preorder/preserve now at all DSPs and at

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