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Brad Keselowski held off Denny Hamlin for the win in New Hampshire

New Hampshire- Brad Keselowski did just enough to hold off Denny Hamlin to win his 33rd Nascar Cup series trophy.

Coming into the race, Keselowski only had two wins for the season, but he felt great that he could land into the top 5 when it was all said and done in New Hampshire. Keselowski dominated the majority of the race, as he led 184 of the 301 laps, which was a race best. Hamlin tried to turn it on late in the race, but Keselowski held him off.

“We’ve had a lot of great races this year with the 2-car, but we just hadn’t really gone out and dominated a race, you know,” Keselowski said. “I was talking with (crew chief) Jeremy Bullins and we were like maybe that’s what we need to get to the next level. We’re right there. We need to just go and dominate a race and that’s what today was for us.

“I’m really proud of my team and the effort they gave today and a great race car. Thank you.”

Keselowski has had three wins consecutively in five seasons and he is just grateful and thankful that he could go out on the track and give his fans something to see.

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