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Boxing returns to NBC Sports

New York- Boxing has returned to NBC Sports with two fights on their premiere card starting November 19.

O'Shaquie Foster will be fighting Miguel Roman in the main feature, while William Zepeda fights Roberto Ramirez in the co-feature.

Foster comes into the ring with a record of 17-2, with 10 knockouts on his resume. He will be the underdog in the fight facing the veteran Roman, who has an impressive 62-13 record. Since Foster is the underdog, he will have to be the aggressor. He needs to push the fight and set Roman up with jabs and uppercuts. This fight will be intriguing because both fighters have knockout power and one punch could end the fight.

The co-main fight will be against Zepeda and Ramirez. Both fighters have something to prove, as they continue in their very young careers. It should be an interesting night for fans, as well as boxing.

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