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Bo Jackson plans to build youth complex in Houston

Iconic sports figure Bo Jackson has decided to build a youth complex that the youth can enjoy in Houston, Texas.

After Jackson had retired from playing sports, he had a vision to help the youth out whether it was mentoring them or giving them opportunities to excel. In recent years, Jackson wanted to build a youth complex, which features different activities that the youth can try, locker rooms, training facilities, and much more. The program's purpose is to ensure that the youth in Houston will have a chance to excel in the sport that they are trying to play in, as well as teach them leadership skills on and off the field.

“It’s been clear from day-one that the mission and the impact to children’s lives is a primary driver for the development of this project,” said Dan Morton, SFC development advisor and representative for the Houston project. “Bo Jackson’s Turf and Ice will be a great asset to Houston and provide opportunities for thousands of kids to continue to excel in sport or try new sports and experience all the benefits sport and physical activity has to offer. We are building a model that creates access for a wide range of visitor capabilities both physically and financially.”

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