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Bianca Belair gets the victory over Sasha Banks and becomes Smackdown's Women's Champion

Tampa- Bianca Belair steals the spotlight at WrestleMania 37 as she shocked the world and defeated the six-time women's champion Sasha Banks.

Prior to the anticipated match on Saturday, Banks and Belair broke WrestleMania history with being the first two African American women staring in a title match. With fans socially distancing and wearing face coverings, the match was close to perfect.

Both women was very confident within their entrance, but as soon as Belair took the moment in, she started to get emotional. Her dream was to fight for a title at WrestleMania and her dream was right in front of her. The crowd, as well as Banks cheered and clapped, as Belair gathered herself.

From stat to finish, both women put on a show for viewers. At times it seemed like Banks was in control and used Belair's hair against her to position her for her finisher. However, Belair found a way to keep going. After Banks failed to pin Belair after jumping off the top rope, Belair started to find her rhythm and used her athleticism to potentially win the match. Belair delivered the KOD (Kiss of Death) and won the match to become Smackdown's Women's Champion.

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