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  • Sharmaine Johnson

BET+ premiere’s new Christian series Kingdom Business

Newstitched Media was in the building Thursday night for the premiere of the new BET+ Christian series Kingdom Business. Kingdom Business stars Yolanda Adams who plays the role of Denita Jordan, superstar and Queen of gospel music at First King Church and Kindom Records in Atlanta. With her records being played all over the world, she is determined to protect her family and their secrets by any means necessary. Her husband Calvin Jordan who is played by Michael Beach is the Bishop at the First Kingdom, but Denita runs the show, and she allows no room for rebellion among her family and employees. Rbel, better known to us as Seryah comes in and stirs the pot as a new powerhouse performer on the Atlanta gospel scene whose talent and pedigree may bring her closer to God and her dreams. We got a chance to chop it up with a few cast members on the red carpet and get some inside tea on the series. Grab your cups and download the BET+ app and let’s get into it! Our first cup of tea came from Chaundre A. Hall-Broomfield who plays Taj, Denita, and Calvin’s son CJ. We spoke about the importance of showing transparency in our Christian and spiritual lives. “Transparency is integral. I think that there’s a reason why when Kirk Franklin did what he did with songs like stomp, it rocked the Christian world because it was unfamiliar but it resonated with the younger generation in a way that they saw themselves. I think that the only way to get people to change is for them to see themselves in something”. We finished our conversation off with one piece of spiritual tea on how to maintain our spiritual health with Chaundre and the answer of course was simple. “Pray. Every day. Have a conversation with the Lord and someone greater than yourself to help ground you despite the world’s conflicts and trials”. The cast got me excited to see the show as we headed inside for the premiere with their inside scoops. Michael Jai White says “People are going to be really blown away by it. I think it’s going to set a new standard”. Devon Franklin spilled the tea saying “There’s never been a drama, a tv series drama set in the world of the gospel music industry. I don’t think it’s ever been done before and that’s what makes it unique”. Pastor Franklin goes on to say that “Everyone loves gospel music, it stirs souls around the world but very few people know the drama that goes on in the gospel music industry, and that also makes it unique!” The show features other legends like Kirk Franklin, La’Myia Good, Kiandra Richardson, Tamar Braxton, Larry Reid, and more. Kingdom Business has all 8 episodes streaming right now on BET+ so be sure to check it out! For a virtual TEA-cap of the red carpet including a full interview with Chaundre Hall-Broomsfield and some behind-the-scenes tea from Yolanda Adams and Devon Franklin. Lets get into the tea Kingdom Business TEA-cap!

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