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  • Heather Wilson

Augural Wrestling Academy will have a training camp for women who want to wrestle

As many of us who have not been in a wrestling ring, the idea or thought has somehow crossed many of our minds about what it would feel like to do now we have that chance!

Augural Women's Wrestling Academy is welcoming us to come try it out! And even get a chance to run out of the Carver Hawkeye Arena tunnel! This training camp will be hosted and taught by coach Clarissa Chun and her staff at the University of Iowa Women's wrestling Academy is where it's at! This experience is all based on the Women's Wrestling Academy, and allows women of all ages to come and get a chance to get a first hand feel of all of it. Not only do you get to go through drills, workouts and even nutrition that the wrestling team does, but you also get an opportunity to see behind the scenes. Women who want to participate can raise $250 can attend; and the people who raise the most money can travel to the championship in October with a guest and attend the meet and greet with Ms. Chun. This all happens Sept 23rd in Iowa.

Check out for more information.

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